The main questions that our current and future clients most often ask us, related to our business and our operation, are covered in the FAQ section.
Do not hesitate to ask us directly for further information or if you would like us to study your project in more detail.

How long has HIRAMYS been operating and how are your teams formed?

The HIRAMYS CONSEIL ET DÉVELOPPEMENT Company was founded in March 2012. We currently employ a team of office-based sales representatives, a team leader as well as a PA. All our salaried staff members are employed exclusively in permanent full-time positions and work in our Paris office.

The company is run by two co-manager partners:

  • Guilhem Bougnague, Head of Development and Partnerships
  • Michel Grujicic, Head of Production and Communication

What technical resources do you have to perform your services?

HIRAMYS has offices in the heart of the capital, including 14 positions dedicated to prospecting. We have a qualified and segmented database (enriched and updated daily) tens of thousands of contacts in companies (across all positions). Our contact database includes both administrative structures (government and community) and private (Very small enterprises, SME, and large groups in SBF250 and CAC 40).

Do you outsource all or part of your prospecting?

NOur watchword is to NEVER outsource our services, whether in France or abroad, in order to safeguard ethics and professionalism. All our tasks are performed in our Paris offices by our team of skilled employees.

What are your rates? What is your pricing policy?

Due to our clients specific needs ans strategies, our service is « tailor-made » as we study closely each project before starting a mission.

We offer our new customers a fixed fee trial bundle of 15 qualified sales appointments in a period of four months.

Is my return on investment (ROI) guaranteed?

The success of a prospecting assignment results primarily from the fruit of a close collaboration between our two organisations so as to achieve the best result. Fully aware of the importance of a business development assignment for our clients as well as the investment incurred, we have set up the tools required to enable our teams to accurately target markets, companies and partners that are of particular interest to our clients.

In addition, our contractual commitment in delivering the number of appointments that meet all the criteria set upstream is also a way to ensure a return on investment by limiting financial risk taking.

How do you introduce yourself during your phone prospecting assignments?

HIRAMYS acts only as a bargain brand. In other words, we introduce ourselves using the name of companies that appoint us to explore markets. Each HIRAMYS sales representative thus acts as an “associate” or “assistant” to the heads of that companies that appoint us.

It should be noted that we pride ourselves on ensuring the brand image of our clients through our telephone operations. Regardless of the outcome of the calls made, we guarantee that we always leave a good impression on people contacted.

I already have an in-house business development unit. Why should I call on HIRAMYS?

The company HIRAMYS in no way intends or claims to replace your internal prospecting resources, nor market your offers. Our role is as a partner acting in full complementarity to your sales teams with a supplementary contribution of qualified prospects.

Some of our clients already have a team to cover market exploration, but with HIRAMYS have an opportunity to often reach hitherto untapped strategic targets, either due to lack of time, or structural difficulties.

How long before you are operational in the event of a prospecting campaign?

Once an agreement is reached in terms of sales/marketing and contractual provisions that link our respective organisations, we can be operational within a week.

This period includes the time to assimilate the characteristics of your business and your offer, understanding your market, taking on board and adjusting your expectations, training of our staff, segmentation of our contacts database, preparing the various media (call script, brochures, email in-box, schedules, etc.).

Who do I contact if I want to hire you for a sales prospecting project? Who should I deal with during the implementation of my assignment?

Guilhem Bougnage is at your disposal to come to terms with your needs and submit a service proposal in line with your expectations.

As for Michel Grujicic, he will be your referent contact throughout your project.

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