A word from the management

HIRAMYS was created based on the observation that many company managers capitalise all too little on sales and marketing development even though the future of their business heavily depends on it.

By combining our experience in detecting sales and marketing projects, B-to-B selling, management of director’s business schedules as well as business development advice, we decided to offer the best in prospecting by adopting a pragmatic, qualitative and opinionated approach.

HIRAMYS is a sales and marketing development consultancy firm specialising in the detection of high value-added business opportunities and organising B-to-B qualified appointments for businesses and local authorities in search of new French and international markets.

Our expertise in business development, combined with on-going market intelligence, provide our clients access to a customised service tailored to their activities and target markets.

HIRAMYS supports its clients in their daily development.


  • Respect for our clients’ image
  • Confidentiality on the markets covered
  • Relevance and quality of the work done
  • Openness concerning the methodologies used
  • Involvement in our clients’ assignments
  • Professional conscience and love of our business
  • Results-oriented culture
  • Corporate responsibility: promoting entrepreneurship


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