Since 2012, from start-ups to large groups, over 100 corporate clients have trusted us to contribute significantly to their business development.

Our client types

French SMEs49%

French start-ups18%

Foreign groups15%

French authorities7%

Foreign SMEs6%

French groups4%

Foreign authorities1%


  • New technologies and computer engineering
  • Business intelligence, strategic intelligence and e-reputation
  • Corporate and digital communication
  • Lobbying and risk management
  • Event planning and business tourism
  • Operational strategy and change management
  • HR development and talent management
  • Vocational training
  • Group work and corporate social networking
  • Sustainable and environmentally-friendly development
  • Industrial subcontracting
  • Engineering and R&D
  • Franchise, dealership, related trade
  • Software package developers
  • Service companies
  • Consultancy firms
  • Economic development agencies
  • Professional organisations
  • Retail and distribution
  • Industrial corporations

They have placed their trust in us

Our clients feedback :

Since 2012, from start-ups to large groups, over 100 corporate clients have trusted us to contribute significantly to their business development.

After starting with a contract based on a few appointments with HIRAMYS, we decided to continue our partnership in the long term. The team took the time to understand our specific business and its challenges (professional equality between men and women), and appointments made are really clearly qualified. This is a responsive and attentive company on a human scale. In short, we see HIRAMYS more as partner for EQUILIBRES than a service provider.

Pascale Pitavy – Associate Manageress, Equilibres

We ran an initial operation on a trial basis with HIRAMYS. We were very surprised at the quality of the vast majority of appointments made as well as their swiftness. We had appointments with accounts that we would never have approached and which have plans for PARKERWILLIBORG and secondly, in very large companies, we had appointments with people who are very difficult to reach and for whom considerable prospecting time is required. After this first step, we decided to work with HIRAMYS over the long term, in a relationship based on mutual trust.

Marc Noël – Chief Executive Officer, Parker Williborg

To beef up our sales prospecting, HOMME & PERFORMANCES -consultancy for project strategy and support for transformations- chose HIRAMYS. This young company convinced us by their simple service contract with a significant variable. During the preparatory phase, the clientele manager was committed to building an effective, high-quality “telesales” message from the corporate information and proposals that we forwarded to him. And it was not an easy task! Their understanding of our business and the ability to interact with HR Managers of Development and Operations Department resulted in very valuable appointments. In view of this initial experience we can recommend them. It should be noted that success comes from a combined effort, it requires close and on-going collaboration between you and HIRAMYS teams.

Pierre Daru – Associate Manager, Hommes & Performance

MEDIACORNER is a company founded in September 2012, which offers an innovative solution to communicate in hyper closeness, using technologies offered by Web 2.0. We called on HIRAMYS skills in November 2013 to accompany us in the marketing phase of this new service offer. After learning about our business, HIRAMYS organised the first 30 highly targeted appointments within 60 days, with decision makers (general management, marketing, and communication), in hot demand elsewhere. Following our interviews, we contracted with four companies and three others should join the list before the summer of 2014. Very pleased with the initial results, we are preparing a new HIRAMYS call campaign. Given the positive welcome we received from our contacts during our appointments, and the contracts already signed or in progress, I consider that HIRAMYS enabled us to save several months in our marketing process

Gérard Verlyck – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Media Corner

The energetic technical sales and prospecting workshops, enthusiastically led by Michel Grujicic from HIRAMYS were highly appreciated by the “Yumpers”. These young aspiring entrepreneurs currently undergoing training at the YUMP Academy felt that the training was just what they needed to launch their businesses. The practical advice and real-life scenarios allowed them to develop effective and immediately useful tools, but also have good reflexes in terms of their customer relationships.

Anna Geist – Project Director, Yump Academie

INVEST SUD DE FRANCE, the Languedoc-Roussillon Regional Economic Development Agency, chose a Parisian representation through HIRAMYS to achieve tangible business development and job creation in Languedoc-Roussillon by prospecting in the Paris / greater Paris region for investment projects via this branch and to promote the strengths and the economic attractiveness of the area. After a year of collaboration, the quality of BI tools, responsiveness and professionalism of HIRAMYS led to the renewal of the prospecting assignment.

Agnès Tixier – General Manager, Invest Sud de France

After several unsuccessful attempts with various telemarketing companies, we decided to put our trust in HIRAMYS. We were entirely satisfied with the quality of leads generated by the telemarketing campaign. We are currently delighted to work with HIRAMYS.

Alexandra Meziane – South Europe Marketing Manager, Nuance Communications

Our company has been working with HIRAMYS for several months to develop marketing and sales of our activities. This collaboration has allowed us to implement “short term” trade relations to improve our turnover, but also to compile a client file on which we will rely for future development. I appreciated the availability of the HIRAMYS teams and discussions throughout the assignment, enabling continuous adjustment of customer prospecting

Yves Depresle – Commercial Manager, Laboratoires d’Armor

Our company, ELYSÉES LANGUES has been working on its sales and marketing development with HIRAMYS for over a year. From the outset of this partnership we appreciated HIRAMYS’ commitment to understanding the added value of our service, the use of the right messages to convince new prospects to meet us and its permanent availability. In addition, in a morose and highly competitive economic climate, the HIRAMYS team has always lived up to our expectations in arranging appointments.

Candide Duclos – Training Advisor, Elysées Langues

We started with HIRAMYS in January 2014 for a three-month assignment with precise specifications as to the companies and contacts targeted as well as the objectives in terms of appointments. We particularly appreciated the HIRAMYS involvement in preparing this assignment (understanding our business, sales pinch, competition, priority targets, no touch list, etc.) and high quality appointments obtained. As this initial assignment was more than satisfactory, we have extended it for a longer period with a more consistent goal in terms of appointments.

Jean-François Pellier – Directeur commercial, Jalios